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In Turkish, avrat is one of the ways to say 'woman', but is used more in the rural area and may also mean 'wife', especially the way the husband calls his wife.

The term 'awrah as it is used in the Quran is confined neither to women nor to the body.

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"We get a great show out of it and, at the same time, these deserving people get a brand new house.

Certainly the last one of the series is an absolute beauty where we really do an amazing job." However deserving the homeowners are, it doesn't stop the contestants ending up at each other's throats at times."At the beginning there were definitely east-west alliances formed but then, in the end, in our usual style, we mixed them up so they had to join other teams," Cam says, adding as the contest progressed new alliances developed."It is emotional for all involved.

The Quran admonishes Muslim women to dress modestly and cover their breasts and genitals.

The term has since been used in the Talmud as both a blanket term for all prohibited sexual acts (עריות) and to describe parts of a female considered to be immodest and sexually provocative including a woman's hair, thighs, and singing voice.

After 17 years in front of the camera, the host of "I only do the stuff I like to do.

I'm very diligent about getting that done, but my wife's got a list of stuff that I don't want to do – which I don't do," Cam says.

Consulting Mohammad Moin's dictionary of Persian, 'awrah leads to two significations: ‎‎), meaning weak) has been associated with femininity and women who lived under the protection of a man.

In modern-day Iran, using the two words ( 'awrah and za'ifah) to refer to women is uncommon and is considered sexist language. In Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the word za'if is still used in the Tajik dialect of Persian and its subdialects.

The teams, each starting out with three couples, makeover the homes of families who have been doing it tough or have been selflessly giving back to their communities.

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